Thanks for visiting the shop! Items are now available for purchase. Raffle details are below. Some waifu decals have returned to the shop, so feel free to take a look around. Orders will either be shipped by this week or early next week due to some items still in transit. Thank you for your patience and support!

Raffle Prizes

Raffle entries will be based off purchases from the shop. Each item varies in the amount of entries you will receive. There is a min of 10 entries to enter for the PS5 and 5 for all other prizes. There will be 2 parts to this drop. Part 1 Starts Today. Goodluck!!!

Raffle Entries/Prizes

  • Shirts - 4 Entries

  • Playmats - 5 Entries

  • Decals - 1 Entry

  • Prints - 2 Entries

  • Coaster - 1 Entry

  • Air Freshners - 1 Entry

Raffle Prizes (1 individual winner per prize)

  • PS5 (1 Winner)
  • Dakimakuras (6 Winners)
  • Playmats (10 Winners)
  • Figure (1 Winner)
  • Shirts (5 Winners)

More Prizes will be added in part 2 of the raffle. You will still be eligible for all prizes from our part 1 drop.


Playmats (Watermark not part of final product)

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August Drop

June Drop Decal/Prints (Restocked)


Coasters Classic/Chibi

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Featured collection

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